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Here's some links to other sites that may interest you. Or not, of course! ;-)

As mentioned before, I found it very hard to find sites about ladies with long nipples (or pics, or videos). So the sites listed here have something to do with breasts and nipples, but they aren't perfect! If they were, I wouldn't have had to create this site, now did I? :)

Maybe this site will inspire some other people, or motivate women with long nipples to share some of their beauty with us. In time this could turn into a long nipple paradise! :-)

Couple Fantasies! Erotic movies for couples!

Gentle Desire. Videos for girls and couples.

The biggest teen porn network.

Joybear! Raunchy films for her and him!

Here they are:

Big Naturals, about women with big natural tits (videos)
Site loaded with ladies with big tits
Erotic Stories, includes categories about big tits and nipples
Deutsch: geile erogeschichten lesen

If you have some good stuff to add, by all means let me know.. Thanks!

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